Dev Strey is a main character in 364 Days. They are a hacker and join The Visioneers in their quest to stop the timer.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

When Dev was born, their neck snapped, but quick intervention from their father, a jobless surgeon, and their mother, an old tech specialist, replaced vital organs with cords and a neckplate, turning Dev into a living machine. Born to a pair of Outcasts whose occupations and skills were no longer needed in Nuarth, growing up consisted of dumpster dives and scavenging old buildings and junkyards that littered Western Nuarth's Outskirts. When Dev's parents were killed in the system, Dev built The Network beneath an Oldurth hospital and began plotting their revenge on New Realm Reality through joining the Hackers Anon.

The NetworkEdit

The Network is Dev's base of operations. It's through this base that Dev is able to hack into the most defended NRR computers.

A Better Vision Edit

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